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Video recording always not focus

Hello, i have a trouble with my nokia 5 device. If i want to take a video, my result video is not keep focus.. always blur.. somebody know to help me... Tks for yours help..

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Just been chatting with support. There is a known problem with video focus. They are hoping to fix it in the next update....

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Is there a way to switch off auto focus in video mode. No good qaulity videos can be made as it records the focus in and out zoom as well and it comes out blurry.

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well, it's really annoying... video mode is always trying to get in focus... videos are UNUSABLE! OMG...

My new Nokia 5 has a NEW FIRMWARE. Can you point out what the firmware of your camera is?

Mine is:



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I made a video of the problem:

Here is another one with my previous Nokia 5 showing SYSTEM failure:

well, this is surely a SOFTWARE problem, dear Nokia! (HMD)

I tried several Apps (all with the same issue) and i can finally see a PERFECT VIDEO PROGRESSIVE SMOOTH FOCUS with this app:

So, Nokia, please UPDATE the CAMERA SOFTWARE!!! This is nonsense!

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well, tech support helps nothing in this department. Had to make few contacts to get a CLEAR REPLY: there is nothing they can do about this problem right now, and i have a few days to return the phone...

My question is, which FIRMWARES are affected?

damn... :\

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Lo mismo me pasa, no enfoca video

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Can you please tell me the FIRMWARE REVISION of the camera? Settings -> System -> About Phone

V200.0070,.10,1.18.0 V020.0100.05

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The same as mine! This is a NEW firmware. My previous NOKIA 5 had a lower firmware and didn't have the FOCUS problem in VIDEO mode...

Now i'm going back to the store to test all the phones they have???


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No focus video camera

@user1529443251940, what camera firmware do you have?     Couple of short videos showing the focus problem using Stock camera then much less of a problem (almost negligible) using Hedge Cam 2.  

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