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Video recording always not focus

Hello, i have a trouble with my nokia 5 device. If i want to take a video, my result video is not keep focus.. always blur.. somebody know to help me... Tks for yours help..

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It's NOT a security update! It's a BUG FIX / stability, etc update (maybe only applied to some NOKIA models?)

So, are all the people affected by this problem HAPPY with the new FOCUS?

I still have problems... it's not perfect... :\

I haven't had the update yet. I think it limited to a few regions.

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I think it's to do with which API the app uses. I just enabled camera2 API in Snap camera an it's fine.

Got the August update a couple weeks back and the video focus problem seems to be fixed!

It's NOT perfect... it still has issues... but the videos are not "unusable" anymore.

I would never buy a Nokia again!

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