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Voice recording issues

Voice recording works fine in camera app but when recording in Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook the voice is very very low. Neda solution please help..... Is it common for all nokia or is it a defect.

the reason is only nokia camera can use OZO audio recording using those 3 mics.. no other app can take advantage of it.. so only video & audio recorded with nokia camera app will have good high volume.. volume for any 3rd party recording app will be really low..hope nokia do something so 3rd party app can also take advantage of ozo audio

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so yea ur device is not defective..also sorry for double post XD

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Is the problem is seen is all nokia 7 plus '????

yep it's on every 7 plus I think.. saw a lot of people posting about this.. even on xda forum also.. i have the same issue also..hope nokia makes ozo audio available for 3rd party apps to use

Ok thanks for the reply buddy...
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