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UI lags and stutters

Today i bought my Nokia 7+, its a very gorgeous phone with a strong build quality. But when i started using it , i experience some UI lags n stutters here n 1) when jumping from 2 recents apps, using recentss button. 2) closing an app by pressing home button. 3) swipping from left to access Google homepage. I know these are software issues and can be resolved through updates. I request nokia to look into the matter and provide relevant update to make the user experieence more smooth on this great device. I bought a Nokia device after many years now. The world has a great trust in Nokia brand from past many years. We have very big expectations from Nokia. Please dont break that trust .....u r doing a great job Nokia by proving stock android phones and regular fast updates. But please just look into the issue which i just addressed above.

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I too have the same issues! It looks like it is a common problem right now with this device. I am hoping for a fix for it in the next security patch (a man can dream can he not?). C'mon Nokia, make me be proud to own one of your devices again! 

I'll give you a real life an example that happened at my work a few days back: 

Colleague : "Ooooh, it is a beautiful phone! What brand is it?"

Me: "Oh, it's a Nokia 7 plus. Got it on sale yesterday."

Colleague: "Really? Didn't know they were still making phones".

Me: "Yeah they're making a comeback."

Colleague: "Can I play with it?"

Me: "Sure."

Colleague: *Fiddles around with it for a minute* "Hmmm, it's a bit laggy at parts...".

Me: "Yeah..."

Colleague: "So why did you get it?"

Me: "Well it's on AndroidOne you see. It's supposed to be fast and smooth and get updates fast... But I, I don't know why it's like this."

Colleague: "Oh..." Walks away awkwardly.

I don't think my colleague got a good impression of your phone, and to be honest, I wasn't compelled to defend the lag, mainly because, well, I simply don't know for a fact if you will/can fix this issue.

If you guys can fix this UI lag in a couple of months, I will go back to my colleague and say: "Look at how smooth it is now! They fixed it pretty quickly! You should get a Nokia! They actually fix things fast and listen." I will do nothing but praise your brand (rightfully so) to everyone who ask about it. 

But for now, I'm keeping my head down.

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