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Twitter and yahoo are not working.

I bought my handset yesterday. Was happy and updated it completely. Last update was of 441mb. After doing all the updates i installed the apps. But hard luck, yahoo and twitter apps doesn't work on wifi (wired broadband dsl), but they work when i turn off the wifi and turn on the data network. This is frustrating. Anyone can give me solution. Thanks.

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Similar problem...for me all the Amazon apps and websites are unusable on wifi since 8.1. also on vdsl fibre broadband. They do work on some (but not all) other wifi networks. Hoping for a refund.
No they won't. Because, i did took it to customer care and they after checking said that it is 3rd party software and it doesn't come under the warranty ambit of nokia. Now i do feel sorry for trusting this NOKIA brand again.
Similar problem Twitter and Microsoft outlook and Skype is not working properly.. not getting instant notifications if mobile is in idle mode more than 10 minutes or 25 minutes
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