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Poor experience with Nokia 7plus

I bought a Nokia 7 plus on April, but the screen was broken after 10 days!!!!!! I know that's my fault didn't protect it well. So I contact with QSL in Australia which Nokia customer support recommend. 7 May : I booked a pickup online, and it said courier will come tmr 8 May : I wait for whole day but courier didn't come or even give me a call, I sent an email to customer support and rebook again. 9 May : the courier came, the phone arrived to QSL on next day 17 May : didn't get any reply after the phone arrived, I sent an email to ask for status, no reply 21 May : sent an email again, and they said is under inspection ( a screen broken need 10days for inspection????) 23 May : still on inspection… 24 May : finally get the quotation, I paid immediately, but they just replied "thank you" 6 June : almost a month, I still haven't got my phone back, QSL didn't contact me anymore after the payment done. I can't understand why Nokia choose that company for Nokia care. It's extremely poor experience!!!!!! I always protect my phones well and none of them need to be fixed. Even the Lenovo one I used for over 2years is still working very well!! That's the first time a broke my phone just because it fell down on a low chair!!!!!! I am completely disappointed with Nokia and never buy this brand again!!

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 So you dropped your phone and it broke. The courier didn't pick your phone up when they were meant to. The repair centre is not communicating with you. Now the phone hasn't been sent back to you. How is any of this Nokia's fault? I understand you're angry at the situation, I would be too, but this is outside of Nokia's control.

I agree the service is terrible, but there are no Nokia repair centres, they are all repair centres which repair any phone brand. They aren't Nokia repair centres. It's a bit out of their control. If you broke a phone with any other brand, you'll be going through the same thing. Unless you buy an iphone. This is not a Nokia problem, this is an Australian customer service problem.

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Yes , you are right Nokia don't have the responsibility to ensure their products quality. Maybe just I think that is ridiculous when the phone was broken just because of falling down from a chair which not higher than 20cm :) And Nokia also doesn't have the responsibility to communicate with the care center which can be found on Nokia official website :) That's why I won't buy Nokia again as they can't control anything. Thanks for your reply, but I just want to share my experience, if people think that is nothing wrong, they will still love this brand and buy that phone.
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