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Next Big Update!

Dear Laura ; HMD ; JS I want to say thank you for updated version camera pro. In my opinion we have some problem in updated. 1. Pro Camera updated just for twin mode, i think you must have enable for monochrome to. Shutter speed just 1/2s , ISO 1600, make it 4s and 3200 like nokia 8 sirocco. 2. Video record don't have pause/play featured, important for to enable. And we dont have video record for monochrome like last version. As you known video monochrome its better for evening/dark place, we have alternative mode from last version. 3. I want you to rework glance mode because we dont have third parties notifications like l*ne, b*m, whtsup, fb, Twittr, etc. 4. I want you enable radio fm offline like another nokia smartphone, 5. Audio record pro software, i want you to build in my nokia 8. Snap 835, Ram 4gb cmon you can do it better, make it usefull. As your tagline, THE LEGEND IS BACK! then prove it. #fans nokia from another world. Thank you for your attention!
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Actually the tagline is "Pure, Secure, Up to Date". If Nokia started loading Android with their own apps then you would end up waiting even longer for updates in the same way Samsung owners do.

HMD are doing the right thing by NOT loading Android up with their own apps and Launcher.

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