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Where our NOKIA 1520 Phones turned off? Onedrive Contacts Restore

My Nokia 1520 Phone had always worked just great. Had Skype, Onedrive, Office 360 and other apps all working just fine. Even had stumbled onto backing up my contacts to Onedrive and did so manually a few times, even though I set it to Auto. 
Then a few months ago everything just stopped! My phones signal strength where I live got so bad I sometimes had none at all, along with all my apps having stopped connecting. Always got the message to check my settings or they simply can't connect and to try again later. Finally went to my local service provider at&t and they changed out something to try and fix my bad service, but it didn't make any difference. Then I called technical support on the phone and we set the SIM APN to manual and filled n all of the information, but that didn't help. Set the signal to 3G, Nope. The was told to do a hard boot of the phone. But that didn't work either. Then I used the phones reset and reloaded my Apps. I knew I had backed up my contacts to Onedrive, so I wasn't worried about getting them back on.  Turns out, I should have checked that first and that is why I'm posting, because it turns out I still can't connect to any apps, so I can't restore the contacts. I can't find any simple steps for fixing the connection problem.  Everything I try ends with messages to check my setting or updates or just try again later.
If can't connect to any apps, including my Onedrive contacts backup and nobody can tell me why. Why all of a sudden as if someone just flipped a switch and nothing on my phone works anymore. Oh and now I get emails and text messages for me to buy a new phone!

You really need to contact Microsoft about that; they own the old/dead Nokia that produced that phone. This is a new, unrelated Nokia. You may yet get an answer here, but this is basically the wrong place.

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Tech Wizard

For reference, a similar or the same(?) question was handled over at MS Answers in

I hope somebody checked the time, date, year and time zone / location is set correctly on the phone before having the customer jump through the usual time-consuming hoops.


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