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unsolved issue of Nokia 3 silver mobile after servicing

Respected sir/mam

As in step with our preceding conversation support executive demanded  an in depth criticism about my Nokia 3 silver cellular so right here with this mail i citing the actual hassle that have confronted from previous few months my mobile constantly restarting and lagging often so at some stage in call time and during another activities and in result this growing quite a few in my social as well as properly professional existence is disturbed and to  sort out this problem i used to be visited five to 6 time at provider center however till this date my difficulty isn't always solved by using provider middle humans every and each time they confident me that your hassle is solved absolutely however they were did not resolve the actual hassle so is  totally waste my time via visiting several time. this component honestly modified my mind and no greater interested with nokia mobiles here with this mail i am attaching the evidence of hassle is until existence i m soliciting for you please do need full as early as possible

IMIE 357279084830123

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