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Did you receive the new NOKIA Pro camera?

Hi! As promised, HMD pushed the new pro camera to NOKIA 8 yesterday, unfortunately some of us are just unlucky!! If you're like me, still waiting for the Pro mode, share here with the model and region! I'll start: 1004 UAE

3 people have this question

Still waiting in Greece.
Still waiting in India.
Not yet received it in UK yet. This is not helping me to persuade my wife to get a Nokia phone. There is also the prospect of the June security update arriving shortly so more pressure for HMD to produce the goods

1004  Greece

Not yet

TA-1012, Hungary, still waiting

TA-1052 still waiting

Still waiting, Austria.

 Still waiting, Argentina.


TA-1004 Mauritius. I wonder if the promised update is really good or just a gimmick..
He is still not in Poland. When are you going to give to my region and Europe ? . Please reply. This waiting is the worst
TA-1004 Still waiting, Czech Republic


not yet

My Nokia 8 (TA-1052) is still waiting the update in France

Same issue here , TA-1012 , Morocco

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