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phone almost unusable after update to android 8.1


just updated to android 8.1 on my nokia 5, and I observed the following things:
- phone stuck on "Nokia" logo on reboot. had to press all buttons until it restarts to get access back

redid the update, same thing happened, left the phone on charge, finally restarted.

- middle fingerprint button does not work anymore. when i press it, phone vibrates but nothing happens, I have to swipe to the top on the lock screen to be able to enter my pin and unlock it. once unlocked, I cannot use the middle button to come back to the home screen. I have to use the left button to go back several times until I get to the home screen when I want to leave an app.

- right button to show all opened windows does not work anymore at all.

- not really a problem but it also changed my wallpaper.

- there is a security update (google security patch 2018-05) but I cannot install it "update cannot be downloaded at the moment, please try again later"

- in settings, it always shows at the top "mobile data is off: turn on" even if I turn it on with the shortcut or in the network & internet  > dat usage

- when opening the google app, it asked me to sign in again. once I did it showed me an error that it failed to sync

- i couldn't swipe down the screen to display the settings for some time. Now I can but i cannot extend the list of shortcuts (like I do to see the other toggle buttons)

- il lost all my shortcuts on the home screen. 

- i'm logged off from some of my apps (citymapper whatsapp) but not all (anki evernote)

what can I do, could someone please give me some advice? this is really annoying.. The middle and right button issues make the phone almost unusable.



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You could try powering off the phone and leaving it for 10 or so minutes to ensure that the hardware has discharged any power. Then turn back on again.

Hi RikHS, thanks for your answer,

gave it a try but didn't do anything.

gonna try contact Nokia by email. that's pretty ugly :(

mmh calendar does not sync anymore with my google accounts.. I wish I could rollback, feels like I'm gonna have to root my phone and downgrade :/

support on that one was quite poor Nokia, no answer to my email :(

With all THOSE problems i recommend a FACTORY RESET asap!

Make sure you have a GOOGLE ACCOUNT created on the phone with BACKUPS turned on so the phone can restore all settings after reset.

My advice is... RETURN the phone and DO NOT buy another nokia from the actual line.

I have a Nokia 5 with OREO 8.1, and as you can see in the foruns, is a BRICK!

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mine (nokia 5) is working after hard reset and update, I was making backups on google, but that was indeed a pain.

Nokia, there is something wrong with the latest update!

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My Nokia 5 is working pretty good with the 8.1 update installed. No problems at all.

Well, a FACTORY RESET did nothing for me... Problems existed before last update...

the PHONE was the problem! I buyed a NEW NOKIA 5 and it works nicely.

Returning my old one this week.

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Updated to 8.1 about 2 days ago and it's working nice, no problems so far. Even think that battery life is a bit better than on 7.1.2 version.

NO camera (video) focus problems?

How's 8.1 compared to 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 with regards to RAM management and opening of apps . Right now I have a 6.1 as my daily but still have a Nokia 5 as well . It's still on 7.1.1 due to the RAM issues that were caused by Android 8. So I never updated and was happy with its day to day performance. So now 8.1 is available , and how is it ?

Shayden M, IF your nokia hasn't got hardware issues like mine had (i have new one now) the update should be stable.

I have QUICK setting interface BUG:

and in the new unit i'm facing camera VIDEO focus problems:

I'm having good and BAD moments with my new Nokia 5...

Sometimes i had a "fluid" phone... sometimes i have an UNUSABLE phone.

It's a mixed bag... I think i'm going to return it and go for another brand.

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