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Root and Bootloader


is there any news on official news concerning these topics?

I recently bought this phone for a family member of mine to test it out. Naturally I got it in my hands and tried to mess around with it and was disappointed that these didn't seem to be available yet, as I thought about getting a Nokia on my own. The missing bootloader unlock and root compatibility are a big turn off though.

I also googled these topics and both times some shady websites came up trying to show a possibility to solve this problem, but they all were trying to install malware or having any other criminal intent.

(If you don't want to read my opinion the post is over here.)

I personally think having these two missing is a huge problem for quite a number of people as they need/want it, and HMD drives them off this way. Furthermore a missing official way drives people in the hands of these shady people who infect others with malware, etc. In the end also it's just a matter of time and compassion to get this done, as no system, even Android One, is completely save. There are multiple vulnerabilities (NetHammer, etc.) existing right now that could be implemented to gain root rights, and I think it's better to make it official instead of people having to develope/use such exploits and use their time for something that might benefit even more.

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