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Image retention

I started noticing this problem about 6 days ago. Whenever I use Facebook for about 3 mins, when I go back to home screen, the facebook icons remain like a "ghost image" and more visible in blue, violet, and gray colors of my wallpaper. I restarted it many times. The pixels turned back to normal but whenever I launch an application, the same problem comes back. I already brought my Nokia 8 to the accredited service center here in the Philippines for my screen to be replaced. I asked our local Nokia users on Facebook and they do experience it too, usually in units like Nokia 6 and 8. I hope that on the next update, you will put a system tweak that reduces the chance of having image retention problems especially on Nokia 8 that early because it's not just an ordinary phone, it's your 2017 flagship phone. We believed in you Nokia that's why we chose you out of many other brands out there. So don't let us users be disappointed. By the way, my device is only a month and a half old, so it's very devastating for me to send my device for repair that early. I commend you for overhauling the camera app and improving it. But I wish that you would listen to this matter too because it's not an isolated case.

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