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An ideal phone should have Snapdragon 845 Adreno 630 16mp dual camera setup with ois and eis and a better portrait mode. Till now nokia is not up to the mark video recording - 60fps @4k and 1080 - 480fps @1080 3.5mm Headphone jack 3500-4000 maH Battery IP 67 o 68 18:9 display 6 inch with 2560x1440 pixel poled with less bezels.Nokia bezels are huge.Dont go for the notch because not everyone are a huge fan of a notch. Gorilla Glass 5 front and back with wireless charging support USB type C with fast charging Dual sim with dual Volte support 6gb RAM 128 GB storage. Expandable o not is upto nokia.But 128GB is way more sufficient Stock android (Android one program) Android P 16mp front camera with portrait mode and EIS LED notification light Stereo speaker setup Rear fingerprint scanner. Placed Exactly like pixel 2 or Nokia 7plus IR blaster And last the pricing. i dont know why nokia phones are priced high The above specifications should Be atleast priced within ₹40000-₹42000 or above $500 Because there are many other companies whose market is much much better because they provide best features at cheap prices Also the phone should not hav any heating issues and no camera bump You can also skip the telephoto lens and provide a wide angle lens like LG v30 I hav seen people dont use the telephoto much Low light photography should be good i like the display used for nokia 8 sirroco
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Also add an equaliser for music settings and i like the sound quality on nokia 8 Also 3d sound surround while recording
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