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battery saving disabled after reboot/charging


I recently bought my nokia 7 plus after much consideration and reading positive reviews.

On the general side I'm very happy with the phone, it's fast and its battery life is excellent with battery saving enabled.

However there are some quircks that irk me:

  1. When charging battery saving is disabled, which is fine at that time however when unplugging the charger the battery saving isn't enabled automatically. Which should be possible imo.
  2. A restart of the phone which is sometimes required :) e.g. to be able to reconnect my TomTom Sports watch if it can't connect to the phone
  3. already a known issue apparently: widgets seem to disappear from the home screen randomly.

I really would appreciate at least an option to automatically enable battery saving if it was enabled when starting the charge or before the reboot. Or is this a bug? My previous phone an XPeria Z3 had battery saving enabled it kept its enabled after restarting or after charging stopped. 



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