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Heating problem and battery problem

Hello The phone is great to use and I love this phone but after updating it to Oreo 8.1 my phone start getting problem. 1) It get heat up faster as I charge it. 2) battery drain faster. As comparing with 7.1. 3)while using it get stuck and then after it get heat up while using. Do update the phone and Slovenia this problem as fast as possible it's a humble request.珞

Yes, I've also found it getting very hot recently, although it cools down after a while. A moment ago, I plugged it in and it said it would take 3 hours to charge from around 40% (I guess because charging is less efficient at high temperatures). That was soon revised to an hour, but I'm a bit worried about the long-term impact it's going to have on the battery. Performance is also very poor during those moments. Haven't noticed the battery draining any quicker though.

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It's really worst. You don't find Nokia care as mentioned at their site. Most of them are closed and still on line. You waste your time going and finding them. I got my touch screen slightly broken at corner as dropped and no warranty of it.
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