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Dislocated display

Hii i am abhishek from india using nokia 6 from december 2017. It was purchased on 1 December 2017. After 3 months i met an accident on april 4 in which my phone"s display got brroken and fingerprint stop working after that. On april i took it to the authorised service center for replacing display and fingerprint. They fix it but charged 5130 indian rupees it is in the warranty but it doesn't matter to them and they also gave me a one month warranty for the same problem. After one and a half month later in the end of may display of my phone start dislocating from my phone and on june 2-3 suddenly display stops working. I again took it to the Same service center but they again Generting a same bill but i refused. To fix it..this time it won't met with accident and there is no drop of the is not my fault and i am not a fool to pay again and again to fix the same problem..
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