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KaiOS source code?

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Hi Nokia phones community team!

I've seen the great work your team is doing on making the kernel source code available for your smartphones. As you may know, the 8110 runs KaiOS, which is derived from the open source Mozilla Firefox OS. This means that as well as the source code the linux kernel and a few other GPL/LGPL libraries which should be included, your source code release for the 8110 4G should also include the code for other parts of KaiOS like the Gecko rendering engine which is licenced under the Mozilla Public Licence (MPL).

I mention this because I note that you're really starting to respond to community feedback on these things now and I wouldn't like to see you trip up on a silly issue like this.

Keep up the good work!

Cheers :)

KaiOS Technologies told me if something's to do with the OS and updates then they are the one to refer to, if it's the hardware, Nokia is your man and if it's the app (downloadable or yet to be developed)  then one needs to contact the specific company that develops that app.

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That's interesting, it's different from what they told me, which is basically what's in their FAQ:

Well, my query to them was how to tell someone when they have a problem with their handphone, whether it was specifically related to the OS and not.

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