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Volume too low at the earpiece

Recently I've noticed that the volume on the earpiece during a call is too low to use the phone. I've tried adjusting the volume and also tried using a different mobile operator. I also ran a device check using *#*#372733#*#* and the earpiece volume was unusable in that too. The support chat recommended factory reset but I don't think this is a software issue. Has this happened to anyone else yet?

Yes! I have the same issue. Earpiece is extremely low during calls.  I have also posted about this last week but Nokia hasn't responded. Another user here said he had the same issue and a factory reset did not help. I am hoping this is a software issue that will be corrected in the June update. It makes the phone unusable for me because of this issue. 

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Are you sure this issue started after the May update? I remember the phone working properly before that but I dont exactly remember when the issue came up.

I have the same exact problem. I didn't make the connection between the decrease in volume and the software update. There is no physical damage so I assumed it was a factory defect. Hopefully a software update will fix this soon. I was very happy with the device before this.

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 If this is in fact a software issue, do you guys think Nokia will notice this discussion and push a patch? Or do we need to do something else to get their attention?

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I'm going to wait a few a few more days for an official response. If we don't get one I'll consider sending in for warranty repair.

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I want the issue to be solved but I don't want a new phone to be opened by the service center because they can never put it back the same way it was.

Hey Nokia. Respond asap. Getting frustrated and going to contact seller soon.

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 My seller has a no returns policy and also its been more than  a month I don't think they will be able to do anything about it.

Same thing happened to me with Nokia 6.1 (3GB US edition Nokia 6.1 TA-1045) and I replaced this once for the below issue and nothing has been fixed :(

I believe Nokia is not taking such cases seriously.

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