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Losing 3G connection

I keep losing 3G connection, and can't get it back until I reboot. I think it's happening when I connect to WiFi, although why this should be I have no idea. Does anyone else have this problem, or does anyone have a solution? Incidentally, although I bought this phone at the end of April I have never had any updates, I am still on 8.0.0, security patch 1 February 2018. I'm in the UK.

If possible, try/borrow a SIM card from another provider. It's known that some providers in the UK "blocking" the update. Be sure that besides a mobile connection, you also have a Wifi connection to download.  

Are you saying that even on an unlocked phone the provider can block an update? If so could I just temporarily remove the SIM?

No, has noting to do with a locked phone. Just the SIM provider you're connected with. Most people have problem with EE and 'friends'.

I'm on Virgin Mobile. I tried removing the SIM card but still no updates. I still can't quite get my head around a phone provider preventing an update to an unlocked phone, I don't understand how that's possible.

Only removing doesn't do the trick. You need to be connected to a provider.

Read this threats: and

I live in the Netherlands so i don't know about the UK providers, only what I read on different fora. Again, it's probably not the phone, but the provider.

I finally got a Vodafone SIM to try. First checked for updates with my normal Virgin SIM (which uses EE), then popped in the Vodafone one, result was that updates were immediately available. So I'm now on Android 8.1.0, security patch level 1 May 2018. Hurrah. This is frankly staggering. Why are Nokia requiring a SIM card in order to provide updates, is this normal? And who the hell are EE to stop these updates?
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