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Oreo update, when?!

I just bought this phone 3 days ago and i'm not a satisfied user. Too much lags and buffs. I understand that it has low RAM / internal but there are also mid range phones same as the specs of Nokia 2 but perform well. I get annoyed everytime i open my Messenger app and it take a while to open. The funny thing is its the only app i downloaded because a maximize the space of my storage. Dang! My question is, will this phone receive an oreo update? If yes, when? And whats the proof? Hoping for the best performance of this phone. I dont want to get disappointed that i just waste my money on this Nokia 2 phone.
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You should have wait for Nokia 2.1 because Nokia 2.1 50% more faster than Nokia 2.Nokia 2.1 has 64-bit Processor and Nokia 2 has 32-bit Processor.Only Oreo Go Edition make faster Nokia2 and Nokia 2.1 wait until we get Oreo Go up to 30 June.
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