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Charging Takes more time than Usual!

I am having this issue since the May update! Before that it used to charge within 1.30hrs. But now it is taking More than 3 hours to charge the device!

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My first charge was done in 100 minutes 100% but now the battery charges in 2 hours which is 120 minutes 100%
If you're in a part of the world moving into summer, this could easily be down to the weather. Increased ambient temperature in the local environment will slow charging down.
I haven't noticed the time taken for full charge but it charges quickly and that too I'll full charge the phone by switching off 1.switch off the phone 2.let it full charge to 100% 3.then turn on the phone after charging to 100% with charger inserted 4.after the phone boots remove the charger from the phone That's it I'm getting 2days 8hours charging with moderate to intensive use
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