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Only HSPA+ on Cricket/ATT

Just upgraded to the Nokia 6.1 2018 which I bought from below. I configured the sim card settings, all works, txt, mms, calls, internet except it shows a H+ or sometimes 3G next to the cellular. I know I should be getting LTE as I just taken out the Sim card from my previous android phone and I get excellent signal even indoors. Tried going outdoors with the Nokia but it's not a signal issue. I saw network settings that allow you to manually select 4G, which it's elected, but still no 4G. This is the unlocked GSM I international version from Amazon, others in the Amazon FAQ did say it works with AT&T / Cricket, hence why I bought it. Any suggestions, I'm at a standstill.
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You may need to reconfigure the radio, as it will probably be configured for the area where the phone was intended to be sold, since this is obviously a grey import. N.B. if the phone does not have FCC certification, it may be illegal to use it in the US, or if it is incorrectly configured. Dial *#*#4636#*#* to get into the phone diagnostics, where you can reconfigure the network radio types. I'm not certain exactly which options that model will have, or what you need for AT&T. Try the 3 dots at the top right, then "Select radio band", and "United States", if that is there. For network type, my first guess would be "LTE/CDMA/UMTS auto (PRL)", if that option is available; you may need to experiment. LTE is not the same thing internationally, so will only work if the phone has the LTE bands used by the network / country.
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