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Unreliable push notifications

Dear Nokia, Please fix push notifications. The topic has been mentioned on this forum before in Nokia 8 section. The same problem exists in newest Nokia 7 Plus firmware. The whole idea of apps like WhatsApp, Gmail, Facebook etc. are push notifications. It's unacceptable that product belonging to Android One is so unreliable. I bought this phone because of pure Android experience and Google support. Phone is brand new. I even did factory reset just to be sure it wasn't some random error. There are no ways to fix it using Android settings. Disabling battery optimization, clearing cache, reinstalling apps, settings in notifications channels, factory reset. I did it all. It's not internet connection problem either. It's clearly firmware bug. And it's huge. How to reproduce: leave phone with screen off for about 10 minutes and send mail from different device to Gmail account (Gmail app) installed on device in sleep mode. Same happens with WhatsApp. They just don't wake the phone up. Eventually they do but after minimum 30 minutes or even couple of hours. Notifications work only when device is in use and for about 5 minutes when screen is off. Please fix this. Notifications are basic and extremely important feature. It's a must! This is very disappointing and frustrating :(
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