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Ambient Display for Nokia 8

Hi, I like many people prefer to use Ambient display on their phones more than glance or always on display but unfortunately the Nokia 8 doesn’t give us the users a choice in which we’re able to use. Please add an ambient display option so we can choose between that and glance.

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I add my support for this request. we definitely need Ambient display, and a better GLANCE improved so we can see number of messages of social media apps also.

If that's not possible, Ambient display will be the best solution. Thank you Nokia Team for taking our request  into consideration.

I need to clear a few things up here, Ambient Display IS Glance. Ambient Display is just Google's name for it just like Moto Display on Motorola devices and Always-On on Samsung Galaxy devices. Not sure why we need both as all HMD need to do is beef up the features of Glance to match Ambient display.

Dear Terminusaquo, the Ambient Display that I had on my previous phone gave me on the "off screen" the same complete notifications that you can usually see on the lock screen, but dim and black and white,

Whereas the Glance that we have on Nokia 8 gives you the clock and three indicators of number of messages, calls and mails.

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