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Copper surround on front screen

I've noticed some of the screen copper surround has come off in tiny parts. Phone is only a month old and back protector was put on . Soon as it was out of the Box.

I think that case that comes with phone does NOT protect screen. I bought another one that also protect camera bump and a tempered glass screen protector as well.
@jcdoc can you please send the name of the tempered glass and the cover which you use I've been trying to get a cover since ages and my tempered glass has air bubbles on the sides.
The ones I bought are from AliExpress. I'm happy how they worked. I'm putting description s down below. KEYSION Phone Case for Nokia 7 Plus Carbon Fiber Soft TPU Silicone Brushed Anti-Skid Anti-knock Back Cover for NOKIA 7 Plus Lamorniea Tempered Glass For Nokia 7 Plus 2.5D Full Cover Screen Protector For Nokia 7 Protective Glass Film For Nokia7 Plus
Thanks a bunch
Thanks for the input but on a phone this big a flip cover wouldn't be advisable a good substitute to it would be a cover with raised edges so if you were to keep the phone screen facing downwards your screen will not be touching the surface it will be the cover I'm thinking of this one though the only issue is I have never made a purchase from this site and somehow find it unreliable
You must check sellers reputation I've made like 20 purchases there different sellers and no problems. Check Amazon and eBay as well. I don't like flip covers too.. if you drop they tend to open and ...ouch..
I'm using the case provided with Nokia 7 plus and a ordinary tempered glass my phone has taken two falls from chest height and every thing was perfect that to the phone has fallen on cement floor
@rk6 The phones build quality is nice AF but the cover which comes along is standard it doesn't even protect the camera buldge
Looks sturdy go for it ,,,,
My son has just got this phone. And it's the same places on his. Under the headphone jack. Top left and right side just below the corners. Bottom left and right just above the corner's. Bottom left and right. All about 2mm long. Crap looking.
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