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Nokia 8 display issues


I have been a long time supporter of nokia phones and owned multiple of them. In fact I have owned only one Microsoft phone when Nokia stopped new phones. I hesitantly shifted to an android phone only because it was a Nokia product.

But to my dismay, the phone is giving me trouble  a month from purchase (29th april 2018). I updated my phone 2 days back only to have display problems with screen flickering and half the screen becoming blank or lines on the left of the screen. I took it to a nokia authorized service center and they said it was a software issue and restored it back to android 7.1 and told me not to update the phone for another 20 days. I bought back the phone only to have the same issues again. 

Nokia customer care india has been utterly rude and uncouth. I haven't experienced such bad service ever. I want to return my product but not able to do so since it has been just over 30 days. The company will not replace the product     "as it is not their company policy" and if there is a hardware issue, they apparently dont have the required spare parts for a month and will not issue a standby phone in the meantime . So technically, if my phone were to go completely blank because of no fault of mine and completely software issue, i'm left with no phone, no replacement, so software guarantee and all money down the drain!


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