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Camera problems are getting unmanageable

The camera problems that have plagued the device since the beginning are getting unmanageable. today, the camera app was impossible to use when I went out, it started hanging everytime I took a picture, which meant so many things couldn't be captured. When it did work, it lagged so bad, and the Instagram camera was unuseable as always because of the lag. The lack of communication and ownership regarding this is so frustrating.

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Posted on another thread about this last month and still no word or anything on this issue. The camera is a really great camera when you take the pictures correctly, but unfortunately it's getting so bad that it's just unusable. HOW did these issues not get noticed somehow before launch? And why is there still zero word about these issues? Seems like other companies would have addressed this by now.

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my problem isn't even that there are issues, just that's there's no word of we're working on this, or even, we duped you and you're on your own. either would be great to hear at this point

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