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Tip for smoother UI

Please try the way described in the following URL. who is suffering from animation frame drop and stuttering. (I tried and made it smoother)

I have tried the fix on my N7+. Twice. UI frame rate did improve by about 30% for frequency of occurrence of lag. Not a complete fix but it helps a bit. Fingers crossed for proper fix from Nokia soon. 

Nokia will provide the fix only when they know about the bug.....there is no way to tell them

I'm hoping they would notice us users making a lot of noise around here. If not, what's the use of the forums?  

I hope android P will be very smooth and will rectify all stutters

Yeah me too. So far, from what I see on YouTube, P seems very smooth on N7+. Still a couple of dropped frames here and there, but nowhere near the severity of Oreo 8.1 right now. *checks phone for updates again*. Sigh...

Yeah!....but we want a full smooth we have spent a lot on this phone and its running on stock with should not lag even a bit. I sold my mi a1 to purchase this.....dont make me regret my decision Nokia. Mi a1 is far smooth and half the price.

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Ok, just chatted with Nokia Support on the Support app. The rep has confirmed that the fix for the UI frame drops will be in this month's (June 2018) patch. Hopefully it was not a bot (or person) spewing nonsense to just get rid of me.


Chat log:



* Goes back on phone and continues to check for updates*

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