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Tired of Nokia lying about android one devices not getting updates in time ,

Are you tired of waiting till 19th of every other month to get your monthly security update while custom ROM developers can include the same in ROMs they make for various devices as soon as Google release it like a week within after its released??if you feel hmd global is not taking its custoey serious and taking alot of time to release more bugs on their software please share your posts and opinions ,this Nokia 6.1 costs more than some great value for money fons like oppo f7 which is better than this fon in all aspects except for android one branding ,,,and since we hopped for timely updates why does it always gets buggy softway Nd late security updates ??why can't Nokia publish the updates on a website so that they don't have to beg sim service provider to allow them to publish or push the updates ,,we can just sideload them on our own the same way Google pixel fons does it ,,if your subscriber services provider is joking you don't have to wait with Google pixel you can download the security updates from day one as it is release and install it ,,Xiaomi does the same for Mi A1 ,,or even for its miui firmware updates they don't beg sim operators for permission to push bug fixes and updates .

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I think the issue here is that the software itself has too many bugs in it. We want to be able to upload the software patches as a matter of urgency because we're hoping they next update will improve the user experience. I personally wouldn't notice delayed updates if the phone was bullet proof in its reliability.

Its unfortunate that this phones software is so buggy. As consumers we're having to help each other find workarounds to problems. The key reason I chose Nokia was because of their reputation for solid build quality and reliability.. I do hope they fix these issues because they potentially have a loyal customer base that loves the brand. It would be sad for them to lose that. 

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