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Gestures missing in Nokia 7 plus Indian varient

I have see on YouTube that there is a separate gestures tab out of the about phone tab in settings app.This Tab contains very useful features like navigating gestures and many more but these features are not available on Indian varient of Nokia 7 plus. Also the Face unlock feature is missing here. Nokia Please release an update for these features

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Same questions. I will add some to it, when connected to wifi yahoo and twitter are not working but when connected on data network it works fine.

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Nokia has even introduced AI FEATURES in Nokia x6 but not giving those features to Nokia 7 plus

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This is even sad from nokia because they are treating the nokia 7 plus as it an out dated phone.

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They should see our topics and solve our problem
I just received android pie via OTA ... It's disappointing... Nokia is treating their customers like Samsung ..I regret buying this phone .. this was my first Nokia phone ...I was never a Nokia fan ..I have been a Samsung fan boy & have used Samsung phone most of the time ..But I bought Nokia 7 plus only for Android one & I'm not satisfied with this phone ...they promised face unlock ,but withdrew it after a while ...& Now there is no navigation gestures with Android pie ,which is one of the most important feature of Android pie ... I'm quite sure that people who used developer preview,has addressed the issue ...But Nokia didn't do anything..This is disappointing...Nokia fan boys went crazy after Nokia 7 Plus launch & this is how they treat you ... Nokia 7 Plus was my first & will be last Nokia phone I ever bought
Please, someone who disappointed with Nokia should know that android one GUI - material design depends on Google and Hardware design depends on HDM or Nokia. If you wanna use android one, you should accept it or tell Google what they should do for the convenience. About gesture features which you see on youtube, it only appears on nokia 7p which designed for China.
If Google designed the software then why there is Nokia Camera app ? ..Nokia should let us use Google camera ,is far superior than Nokia camera ...& I ranted a bit too much device has the navigation gesture feature ,which is a core part of android pie ...I had to reboot my device 2-3 times to get the feature...It's working now ..& it's not exclusive to Chinese 7p... But I still have problem with Nokia ..They promised there will be face unlock feature in future but it's been almost 6 months since the device launch in India & still no face unlock ..So I will keep complaining about that .. I don't hate this phone .. I like the clean andoird ,that's the reason why I left Samsung & got an android one phone ...But Nokia charged a premium price for Nokia 7p ...There are other phones in Indian market below 15000 rupees with Face Unlock feature ..Why can't Nokia give it to it's one of the best seller & most appreciated phone ? It's not fair ... A 26000 rupees priced phone with no face Unlock ? ..That's probably only problem I have with this device .. & Nokia is under android one programme but how come OP6 got Android pie earlier than Nokia 7p?
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