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Why does the Indian Nokia 6.1 get priority update over other Nokia 6.1 variants ??world wide ???

Is there a more favourism towards the Indian Nokia 6.1 Vs the other ones sold to places like Germany or Finland or USA or even Egypt etc etc point is are other markets less important ?do you see mi A1 user in different regions having their software updates fragmented?u have a massive update for all MA1 devices irregardless of wether they ,happen to stay for instance inside a mercury or in Charlemagne Charles of France's home ...can you guys give your voice if it's okay for some regions of same device to get updates before others ??Google pixel doesn't give regional or service provider depended updates ,,they do it massively to all devices ,,let hmd global host the update system images online in an organised way u can choose to sideload if your country happens to be amongst hmd global forgotten ones yet it sells fons in your country ...

Dude hmd global doesn't send you the updates. Since Nokia 6.1 is part of android one program it's Google which releases the software updates

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(((@user1526832112309))),,heard your take didn't know unfortunately that android one devices have to rely on Google to push updates ,, unfortunately but thanks for the insight now I know ,wish hmd global would tell all those who buy their fones on android one platform that they can't offer hot fixes without Google's software update having been released as with the case of those affected by may 2018 security updates+firmware version 2.22A issues ...they shud tell their users till Google sorts it out hmd global will remain spectators to your device userbility nightmares lol
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