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So, the beta updates will also be delayed now? WOW

At least beta updates should be in line with pixel devices!

Now we have to wait for Nokia to get the second beta for android P on Nokia 7 plus and they'll release it when the third one comes out, right? 

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Firstly, these are not beta releases; they are developer previews which are unstable, incomplete, and not suitable or intended for normal daily use. Secondly, the first P here for the 7+ was DP2, released very shortly after the Pixel DP2. Pixel DP3 has only just shipped from Google, so it's highly unreasonable to complain that it's not yet out for the 7+. HMD can't finalise their builds before Google release, then they need a little time to do basic testing / QA on their own hardware before releasing it.

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Fyi, dev preview 2 is beta 1 for android P. And beta 1 was released for Nokia 7 plus alongside Pixels on the same date- 08- MAY-2018. Also, Google did provide the source code to OEM before hand (obviously) to release the beta on the same date. You can also check the build date in about phone section and then tapping android version, it says it was compiled on 04-MAY-2018.

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Yeah, I'm a bit disappointed that we're having to wait. I bought an Android One device for the specific reason of quick updates in line with pixel devices.

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I totally agree. As a former Nexus user I also choose Nokia 7plus to be in line with the Pixel updates. 
But the most embarrassing is that Laura doesn't respond to any of our questions. Transparency should be the first goal of a young company like HMD Global.


Hi all, 

@René I try to answer as many questions I can but I don’t have an answer to everything and sometimes I have to contact other people to get some info (this might take some time). Concerning the release of updates and especially for the Android P I can’t give any information yet.

Best regards, 


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@Laura, thanks! In this forum you are dealing with a bunch of over-enthusiastic people. A lot of us come from Nexus phones and updates and beta builts are a way of life so to say. Most people don't even care what Android version is on their phone. 

But keep up the good work,Nokia is providing an almost Pixel like experience with the 7Plus.

If there is any news, please share it with us.



Hi René 

I know that a lot of people here have very high hopes in us, which is really nice and sometimes challenging as well :) but we try our best to live up to those hopes. 

And of course as soon as I can give out new information, I'll keep you updated. 

Best regards, 


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No one could answer .. Why Turkey Is nokia 6 (T-1033) at March security update. Why does not it take April, May, June patches
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