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Hi Guys, 

Recently purchased a Nokia 6.1 from Amazon (TA-1045).  I noticed when I placed my AT&T sim in it it only showed 4G in the notification area, no LTE.  My old Samsung always showed 4G/LTE.  Is this normal?  Data speeds seem like LTE and when I enter *#*#4636#*#* it shows LTE under both the voice and data network type.

Additionally,  under "Set Preferred Network Type" is shows "unknown".  When I change this setting to "LTE/UMTS auto (PRL)"  (this is what the AT&T purchased Samsung used) it just defaults back to "unknown" when the phone is restarted.  Any way to set this permanently?  I talked with AT&T and they added my IMEI to their records so that should be OK.

Sorry if I am seem a little dumb, first time with an unlocked phone - always let the carrier set things up before.

Thanks for any help or information.

Go to settings>Network & Internet>mobile network>advanced and enable enhanced 4G LTE mode. Settings may varry due to the models available in different markets. Or simply search for "enhanced 4G LTE mode in the settings and enable it. You'll see the LTE notification in the status bar.

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Thanks for the suggestion but that is not the problem. Enhanced 4g LTE mode is on and has been on the whole time. A little worried, afriad I may not be getting LTE which would be a step back from my old Samsung. Thinking of returning if I can't get this figured out.
Try switching to LTE only in the preferred network type. And another case maybe some carrier doesn't provide the same LTE bands as the mobile has support for. Try with another carrier and see the results.
Is this happening after and update, and what is the security patch currently installed? If this is happening after an update try resetting/delete your existing APN and set it again with proper details from your service provider, see if it does help, and also in the phone info turn off "mobile radio power" and then turn it back on.
Changing preferred network makes no difference. Besides phone keeps switching back to "unknown". Can't change carrier as only other in my area is Verizon. When I run Signal check app it shows connected to LTE band 1900.
Mine is TA-1089 and someone had the same issue with this model as yours but in another carrier than that of mine because I never had such issue on my carrier the LTE shows there in the status bar. Here's the link to that topic. And it seems it was an issue with his service provider and has been resolved after talking to them.
Thanks for all your help. I have spoken to AT&T a couple times. They have tried a few things but nothing worked. May have to return phone (gee, I really liked it otherwise). Guess I'll see if I can pick up something like an AT&T version of the Moto G6 which AT&T is selling. Thanks again.

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Showing the LTE in the status bar isn't a big deal as long as you got the services working but yeah if that concerns you with the usability of the phone then definitely go for the options. :)
4G and LTE are basically one and the same. If it shows 4G in the status bar, you're on LTE data.

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I'm on T-Mobile and it says LTE next to the phone icon and 4G next to the Cellular signal meter. You should be fine. If WiFi calling is enabled you may not see the LTE next to the phone icon.
Thanks. T-Mobile does a much better job than AT&T in dealing with unlocked phones. WiFi calling is off but still no LTE symbol next to phone icon. I think I am fine as well, it is just a little disconcerting.
I don't blame you one bit. That would also drive me nuts if I didn't know for sure I was getting LTE. BTW how is your call volume? My phone calls are very low on T-Mobile despite having the volume slider all the way up. It's the same either with the earpiece on the phone or using my Bluetooth in my car. I can barely hear calls. That has been the most frustrating thing with the phone for me. I stopped using it because of that, hoping for a fix.
Call vol seems fine. I know what you mean about update. Generally like the phone but does seem buggy.
I hope google will look out for the Nokia phones under the Android One program as Nokia doesn't have much hands on the software part. Otherwise it's a solid phone just need a quality software support from Google.
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