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Scratches on screen

No complains with the build quality, except for the screen. 15 days of usage and I got no less than 10 scratches on my screen. I mean seriously, is that a real Gorilla Glass even? Have used the Lumia series with the Gorilla glasses and I hardly ever got a scratch in the last 5 years on my 2 different phones. Really disappointed with Nokia on this. Not expected from them.

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Same here. And the screen broken within a month . Lol

 Cathy. did you drop it?

I have been using it over a month and not even a single scratch on my screen.

I also noted a small scratch on the front screen near the logo. I'm quite sure that I did not drop my phone at any time and wonder how it has happened? Even though Nokia confirms its Gorilla 3 screen I doubt it for sure.

Had my phone in the back pocket, bent down then I had my spanking new 2 weeks old Nokia 7+ with cracked screen right in the middle. The phone build is simply not strong enough. I wonder how much it's going to cost to get the screen replaced. Not happy at all.
Hi, I also got a little scratch on my screen but I have no doubts it is a gorrila glass 3 on this phone. Check this video if you want proof. I decided I'll jusy buy a protective layer for the screen.
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