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Headphone Jack weirdness

Randomly, after plugging headphones into my Nokia 7 plus, the audio comes out of the speaker, instead of the headphones. Once I unplug the headphones, no audio plays out. Rebooting temporarily fixes the problem but I encounter it again around once a day.

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did you plug it completely in?  

If yes, you can try this app to reset the headphone:

Yes i am facing the same . During the call the sound is coming from the speaker even the headphone is plugged in . Really disappointed.

Tech Wizard

Hello, @manila I have been facing the exact same problem on my Nokia 3 after the Oreo update and have heard many facing the same issue with Nokia 3. Given that we own a completely different device and suffering from the exact same problem, I think Nokia has huge problems with its Developer Team. I have read quite a number of posts here on the forum of Nokia 7 Plus and 6.1 and all I see is users reporting that their software is buggy in every possible way and the optimization is very bad. I think Nokia should solve this issue as soon as possible. Thank you.
facing the exact same problem, thankgid i am not alone ;D one one thing when phone brightness goes high to low screen turn redish for fraction of seconds, plz let me know if anyone have a solutions for both of the problems.
Kindly update to latest software version, if problem still persist visit to Nokia care centre.
Facing same issue NOKIA please do something!!! It's very disappointing!!!
Just insert all 4 pins of headphone into headphone jack with littel force and when the 4th pin inserted into the headphone jack your hear the click sound and then you enjoy the headphone and receive call and use your mic
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