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Hi guys I know this will appear very childish question, but I am really confused and am not able to get any satisfactory answer anywhere so I am asking you people here. So please don't be unkind. My question is that I've a Nokia 8 right now, but I want to buy Nokia 7 plus. The reason I want to degrade from sd 835 to sd 660 is because Nokia 7 plus comes under android one program which is like project treble and so it means that Nokia 7 plus will get at least android 11. Also it has bigger screen though it's not 2k like Nokia 8. But latest android is important for me and Nokia 8 will stop update after android 9. Do you guys think I should sell my Nokia 8 and get Nokia 7 plus? I know this is not very important question to be asked in community forum but I am unable to get any help from anywhere else. Thanks guys in advance for bearing with me.

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wait till your nokia 8 stops giving update till than many new phones will come, enjoy your 2k screen.
I don't think the android one means extra actual OS updates but more the security patches , I doubt the 7 plus will get android 11 , I think 9/10 at max The android one idea is good in theory but currently it's not really offering much of a difference compared to non android one devices. No such thing as real future proof electronics unless they are modular, with motherboards like PC's with upgradable CPUs, camera sensors which could be swapped out, extra rom or ram options etc

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Don't forget android 9 isn't out properly yet and isn't old or outdated until the same time next year , when devices will have hopefully moved on into more interesting form factors, I would like a thicker body phone to accommodate bigger battery capacity, larger camera sensors, etc It's a shame security patches aren't like iOS or Windows PC based, coming from a central hub , not reliant on carriers or brands

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