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Chinese developers are also waiting for Android P

I am a Chinese developer and I hope that Nokia can treat every country's developers equally, every Nokia 7 plus,

So, how does the Chinese version of the Nokia 7 plus join the Android p plan?

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Tech Wizard

Hello, @user1525920673007 I also think it's unfair for a Chinese developer that they still have to wait for the Android P. Nokia should resolve this quickly. Oh sweet Laura we need some answers here as why is the Chinese version of Nokia 7 Plus is not supported and when it will be supported? Thank you.

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Android P can be downloaded from Apple iPad Support and you can root the phone to install the Android P because it has been leaked before the launch

 I will always wait for the answer to this question. I believe Nokia is an international company.: )

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Hi all, 

I can’t really go into detail here, but we do our best to provide access to our Chinese  customers as soon as we can. 

Sorry for  the long wait you have here. 

Best regards, 


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Can you give a clear answer? If the official does not support the Chinese version, I will take other measures.@Laura - Moderator

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