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I think TA 1089 shud be banned from sales it has hardware issues ,,the rest of us who have TA 1043 are kept at waiting for software updates because Indians made a substandard Nokia 6.1

The Indian Nokia 6.1 sucks it's the main reason we can't even have Nokia updates like June security update for TA 1043 ,,why do we have to wait for hmd to sort software issues to a device the Indians build with sub standard parts I hate when software is issued and the hardware keeps getting bad the rest of us have to wait for fixes that are simply hardware related like substandard network technology .. substandard camera ...those can't be software fixed simply don't buy TA TA 1043 ...simple ...hmd pli don't trust Indians to make devices for their region again just ship standard devices ...volte and jio Sims work in TA 1043 while it doesn't work in TA ??

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Remember users of TA 1089 have volte not working and jio sim not working after the update version of the same issues don't occur with TA 1043 SIM and jio volte works fine in TA 1043 yet it hasn't been given updates since may...heck even camera works perfectly ,,WiFi is superb
I am using a TA-1089 and never had an issue except the decrease in wi-fi range which has also been resolved with v2.22c. And as far I know TA-1043 is not sold in India then how are you using it with a jio sim and what hardware issue are you talking about? And take note network issue can occur due to a software issue as well as bad camera performance, a phone relies on the software part as much as hardware part for the photography. And they release different versions because the availability of the services (softwares mostly) and network bands and not based on hardware components. Software is buggy and that also HMD has not much hands on the software part as it is under the Android One program and google should take care of it. And people are always cunny about the problems in their phone whether they know or has any idea about anything.

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