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Delivery delay

Ordered Nokia 7 from your official website on Monday (order no. 9633). I was promised delivery in 3 days. Today is Friday and the phone is yet to be despatched. When will I get my phone? Have some shame and learn to respect promises.

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My return request was approved on 26 May. Still i don't  get my replacement. when i call customer care each time i got only one answer that, wait for 2 days more. first they promised that  we will replace your mobile within 10-15 13 days gone. #poor service by Nokia. It was my biggest mistake that i choose #Nokia  

I have also trusted Nokia even when my colleges were asking me to refrain and made the payment but even after 3 days forget delivery none bothered to inform the Courier details or Expected delivery date

Senior Management of Nokia Sales should be alarmed that this is a serious customer dis satisfaction that they are creating. 

I have also order two days ago but no details yet
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