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Why 3d Party Front has 4MP only when taking photo with front camera?

I have compared the stock camera and other 3rd party camera app taking photo with front camera, the stock camera image has 16MP, however the 3rd party camera has 4MP only. Could Nokia explain or take a look of this issue? 

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Even the redmi5a,mia1 all with front 5mp cameras take better photo than 16mp camera of 7plus,there is actually no transparency in answer from anyone that if 7plua sports a 4mp cam or 16mp cam

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We are expecting clarity on the same from nokia officials.
I am also used two google camera port for Nokia 7 Plus in one it shows 4 mp but in second camera app it shows 8mp both are are pixel camera ports one is older version and 2nd is new version so I think it is some software defect

@user1525532364262 can u post the link for that specific google cam port which detect 8mp front cam?

@user64242,can you share the link of the app that shows 8mp camera
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