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Workaround-Regarding UI lagness and stutters

Many users are experiencing UI lagness and stutters in their Nokia 7+ after 8.1.0 update. Users are waiting for Nokia to release an OTA update for this issue or they are waiting for Android P update. There has been a workaround on Reddit regarding this issue. Link available below:- Although the user has not mentioned why we are doing this....but the comments looks promising and users are not experiencing the lags after following the steps of the post. Please do check it out if and share your experiences below.
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I actually posted replies on this thread and others (with chatlog link to imgur), but it's still under approval process my mods here for some reason.

So here's my reply on Reddit. I'm CaptnBanana. The workaround only improves the frame a litle bit.

I've chatted with Nokia Support on the Support app. The rep has confirmed that the fix for the UI frame drops will be in this month's (June 2018) patch.

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