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When nokia 8 sirocco will get android p developer preview?

Nokia is currently launching their phones under Android one program.Which is a major plus point for the people who want stock android experience as well as the 1st ones to get the update. As nokia launched their phone 7 plus which is currently supporting android p developer preview update.I don't understand this.Nokia 8 sirocco is your flagship phone why the same updates are not given to that phone as well.?

P beta was made to be tested. There are more 7 Plus out there. That's all.

Tech Wizard

Hello, @user1526961567594 as of now only a single device from each company is chosen for Android Developer Preview Program. So Nokia chose it's Nokia 7 Plus for the Program given that more people own Nokia 7 Plus than the Nokia 8 Sirocco because it is one of their new, popular and cheaper device. And this update is meant for developers only so Nokia wisely chose Nokia 7 Plus so that more Developers can prepare and tweak their app for new Android P OS. Nokia will certainly start the Nokia beta labs which is meant for normal users for all its devices which is a whole different thing from developer preview once Google releases the stable build of Android P in the month of August. Be assured that Nokia 8 Sirocco will be one of the first device to receive Android P. You can contribute to Beta labs with your Nokia 8 Sirocco after Nokia starts it's beta labs program if you wish to. Thank you.

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