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Blocking calls from "private numbers"

 Hi guys,

I just got back to nokia from galaxy s4 and I just wonder if there is a setting somewhere to block the calls/automatically rejects calls from private numbers/hidden numbers. I had that option in s4. If there is no setting like that, is there an app that truly block those calls. I have tried a number of them and the calls still come through.



Long press on the number and select block/report spam.

MrBelter, it is working only with the actual number, you can't do it with "private number/unknown call" as there is no number. Also, I prefer to have my phone on silent all the time so how to switch of the vibrations...they are noisier than the ring tone itself :)

To make it totally silent just lower the volume to minimum and then lower it again.

 I've done that but I still have vibrations on and I can't find the setting to switch it off.

Well you should have, using the volume down button it goes to vibrate and then and the next press it goes to do not disturb.

 yeah, i found it..."priority only"... now i just need find out how to block those "private numbers" calls.

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