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Bluetooth audio issues

I recently picked up a 6.1.  Coming from years of iphone use I wanted to try out android.  I'm using it on AT&T.  For some reason I am having horrible issues with BT audio.  Primarily I see this in apps such as youtube, pandora and spotify.  I don't seem to have issues during phone calls.

My BT headset is a plantronics Voyager.  I also just bought a set of JAM wireless BT earbuds.

With my plantronics, I can be, for example, watching a youtube video, and throughout the video the I will get audio dropouts.  I can see the video still playing, and their mouth moving, but I simply lose several second of audio and then it comes back.

On the JAM earbuds it acts differently  I will lose audio, but in their case they drop out and then the audio fades back in, like you are turning the volume up.

The way the JAM acts it almost seems like the audio dropouts are possibly a result of bluetooth disconnecting, as I believe they are designed to go to sleep when they are not connected to any bluetooth device.

Either way it has been very frustrating as the only way to really use the phone for any audio playback is with wired headphones.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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