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Doesn't every Nokia 6.1 have NFC?

Few days ago I bought Nokia 6.1 on Aliexpress. It worked ok, I liked it, then I tried to enable NFC, but I didn't found this option. I asked seller and he responsed that my (chinese) Ta-1054 model has no NFC. Is it true? I chose Nokia than Xiaomi because of existence of NFC - I read about it at many places, but my Nokia hasn't the feature. It is very dissapointed for me. Regards, Grzegorz

From what i see from gsmarena, all nokia 6.1 dont have nfc. Nokia 6 2017 got nfc.. before buy new phone better read spec online first then decide wan buy or not..

My TA-1043 does have NFC. Settings, Connected devices, NFC (Andorid Beam)
ps. a little risky to buy via Ali-express. You'll never know what you get. Genuine or a bad imitation....

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@Xkirazgmf user guide doesn't say that NFC is optional: @MaxH it seems that my phone is originał or it is a good imitation . Maybe lack of NFC shows that it isn't originał?

@Xkirazgmf: in User Guide (url available in first post in the forum): I can't see any info that NFC is optional.

@MaxH my phone is original or it is good imitation. Unless the lack of nfc means imitations...

No, not necessarily, the 6.1 has many models, besides that, different features are enabled/disabled in different countries. And on top of that, different providers support different features. So, you can't trust the manual on that.
I don't know why, is policy. 

@MaxH: is it possible to upgrade Nokia 6.1 phone to enable nfc?

Are there different communications chips (cheaper if no nfc) or lack of nfc antenna or only different firmware?

Just a guess, but it's the firmware that makes the difference. That said, maybe with rooting the phone and load other firmware you can change the features. By doing that there is a risk to brick the phone. More about this you can find in:

@Grzegorz.. wanna check original or not.. try go to application.. should be got it.. Nokia Support application.. that application can check your Imei android and warranty.. u will see ur phone detail there.. If cant maybe ur phone imitation like you said.. As far i know Nokia does not have any imitation phone yet as Nokia still new in android. And u can try chat with nokia support inside Nokia Support aplication.. asked them to check ur imei.
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