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Touch problem

Sometimes phone is working but its touch stops working.i have to lock the phone and then again its touch start working

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I am also facing the same , as per my understanding its buggy software/driver management.

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Iam also facing this problem.

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Even I got this problem and is so much annoying. The device has never fall or even touched the ground to have some touch issues. Plz . Give any solution nokia..
Due to this touch issue it gives a bad image for this beautiful phone. Try to solve this issue fast.If the issue is not solved we can't recommend this phone to our known ones.


Hi all, 

I forwarded this topic and got asked if anyone of you have received the June update already? It might solve this issue. 

Maybe you can check your phones for the update and let me know :) that would be great. 

Thanks a lot and best regards, 


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I got security update for June 2018 which mention "Update Google Security Patch 2018-06" (87.4 MB).

My country is India.

I am also facing the same issue. I received my device on May 2, 2018, and its work fine for one week. After one week I start facing the touch unresponsive problem. I have to lock the phone and unlock then again its touch start working. Regarding this issue, I was visited 2 times Noika Service center they kept my phone for one day for observation but next day they said that they did not find any such problem. Till dateI am facing the same issue. Many users complaint this issue but no solution given by Nokia

I am also facing same problem with Nokia 7 plus.
Getting June update now but I've had to remove my BT(EE) SIM card and put an O2 sim card in. Why is this happening @Laura ?


Hi Gemini75


Unfortunately, when an update arrives depends on the carrier as well and it seems a lot of people on EE are receiving the updates quite late. I don’t really know why this is happening. Sorry for that.

@All I forwarded this topic and I try my best to provide new information on it as soon as I can :) 


Best regards,

The bug is after June update still there. Are they working to solve the issue with next update?

same here, after doing a factory reset, the touch does not respond several times, before the factory reset I never had this problem, Did you get fixed?

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