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IR Blaster in every phone

i want to have IR Blaster in every nokia phone ..because a smartphone should have it . it is very help. i wanted to buy nokia phone but not any nokia smartphone have this .. and find only xioami . smartphones have this feature.

there are lot of people who need IR Blaster in their smartphones .. xioami phone are popular because they have all kind of sensors.. i hope nokia will compete with them . 

Tech Wizard

Yes, I do agree that IR blaster is a useful feature. It would help in many ways.
Hopefully it should appear on Nokia phones along with the Notification LED light.

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Community Hero

Interesting idea. I had wondered about this but then I wasn't sure how useful it would be. For example, I no longer have a working laptop with an IR interface - I had one, but it broke, and modern computers don't seem to have IR interfaces. Also, for controlling things that do have an IR interface I have several IR remote controls that I can configure to use if I want to.

What additional things can an IR blaster be used for?

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