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nokia 3 Orio 8.1 Update relase?

 I have a Nokia 3 with android 8.0.0 Oreo and waiting for the Oreo 8.1.0 update.

When will it be released?

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Android oreo 8.1 is realising in this June for Nokia2 & nokia3

Do you know any date (day) when the Android oreo 8.1 update will be relased?

Nokia could not announced any specific date

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will this 8.1 resolve volte issue in nokia 3

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Does anyone know when updating Nokia 3 at oreo 8.1?

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Hi Appu.. the picture is not visible on your twitter account.. can you please post it here?

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It says Q2.. can be delayed as well

@Naman Agrawal can't say but Nokia 2 is going to update as per planned in this chart
What is Q2?
Quarter 1 January to March, q2 Apr to June Q3... July to September q4.. October to December
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