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Appeal To HMD to suspend the roll out of the Pro Camera App Update

I thank HMD for listening to its customers on the need to give Nokia 8 a pro camera. However, ALL reviews watched and read so far since the update roll out was announced by Juho Sarvikas showed that instead of improving the products of the device camera, the Pro Camera degraded them. Therefore, I think HMD should suspend the roll out till it is able to give Nokia 8 a befitting Camera App and I guess the buggy nature of the Pro Camera App is the reason why majority of remaining markets are yet to receive the update. I am glad that I haven't received the buggy Pro Camera App and I think HMD should suspend the roll out till a befitting camera app is produced for the Nokia 8.

HMD should also ensure that the pro camera app that will replace the buggy one announced should support all the features of the Nokia 8 Camera as announced during the device launch. This is because it will be unethical and an Act of fraud if the Pro Camera lacks any features of the device camera advertised during its launch in 2017. It will not be acceptable if HMD rolls out a pro camera that does not support OIS and other features advertised with the device. Therefore, HMD should bear the advertised features of Nokia 8 in mind while programming the Pro Camera because doing otherwise will amount to fraud. 

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